group talking and eating

Christmas Happy Hour

Residents enjoyed gathering together on Friday afternoon before Christmas for a Holiday Happy Hour. We shared memories of the past, singing carols, sharing in refreshments and of course the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. We all joined in trying to remember all the lines of a favorite Christmas Story. We did a great job!

jars of pickles

Pickle Tasting

Orchard Park celebrated International Pickle Week and I’m in a pickle day with an afternoon social. The residents enjoyed tasting the six kinds of pickles. The dill, zesty bread and butter and garlic provided much laughter with the huge puckered faces of OP residents. The sweet pickle was determined to be the best tasting of the six kinds of pickles. We played a game of “in a pickle” presenting cases as each resident shared how they would respond in the peculiar situation. The game provided much fun, discussion questions and much uncontrollable laughter.

students ringing bells for audience

Wayside Christian School

The high school bell choir, grade school chimes and grade school choir visited this past holiday season. Thank you for the wonderful performance and helping to make some great Christmas memories.

women painting flower vases

Decorating Flower Vases

Residents enjoyed decorating glass flower vases with Southern Care Hospice volunteers recently during craft time. We used a variety colors of nail polish to paint on the vases. We had several different creations of pretty vases.

high school choir singing

Wynford High School Choir

The residents of Orchard Park enjoyed a wonderful performance of Christmas caroling by the Wynford High School show choir. Thank you for taking the time to come during the busy holiday season. Your performance was great.

woman with bunny craft smiling at camera

Making Bunnies

Residents recently tried their hands at making an Easter Bunny using hand towels and washcloths. Each bunny turned out uniquely different in size. What a wonderful creative experience.

high school choir singing

Colonel Crawford High School

During this past Christmas season we were fortune enough to enjoy a wonderful performance by the Colonel Crawford High School Show choir. We appreciate the great music and visit. We look forward to next year. Thank you for coming to our home.

bowls of salad

Making a beautiful salad!

A few of Orchard Park residents enjoyed lending a hand recently to make a beautiful salad to go with our Pizza Luncheon. The salads turned out to look beautiful and tasted delicious.


students and seniors shaking hands

Bucyrus High School “Players”

The “Players” from Bucyrus High School visited during the holiday season to perform and sing Christmas carols. The residents of Orchard Park enjoyed the fantastic performance and singing. Thank you so much for visiting our home. We look forward to a visit again next year.

man with rabbit ears smiling at camera

Orchard Park Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Many children gathered at Orchard Park on Good Friday, March 30th for our annual Easter egg hunt. The children had fun coloring, doing crafts, eating cookies and of course hunting for the Easter eggs. Many residents enjoyed watching the children from their windows and some braved the elements of the chilly weather and joined the children in the courtyard as they searched for the eggs. Residents had fun stuffing candy in the eggs and decorating cookies for the special occasion. Thanks to Southern Care Hospice for providing a basket of goodies for our raffle as well as some candy for our eggs. Thanks also to staff members of Southern Care for helping out with set-up and clean-up during this busy and fun event. Thanks to all of OP staff members for helping to make this another fun and successful event.