What We are Doing to Combat COVID-19

Covid-19 has been a terrible burden for all of us including our employees, our residents whom they care for, and the families of our residents.

When Covid-19 started spreading in early 2020, we were able to get ample supplies of personal protective equipment including gowns, masks, and gloves. We also intensified our sanitizing and deep cleaning. These steps to prevent contagion are something we have always done in our communities since, even before Covid-19, there have always been flu seasons and other infections to protect against.

We also immediately initiated testing for our employees and for our residents, and we did find some cases of Covid-19. Although we followed and usually exceeded CDC and state health department guidelines to the letter, nonetheless we had some infections and some deaths. It was a sad and trying time.

When vaccinations became available were among the first to provide them to our residents and employees. Most readily accepted the vaccines and as the few remaining individuals make up their minds to get the jab, we will provide it.

We are grateful that the restrictions imposed by the state and federal healthcare authorities are easing. In every state, there can now be face-to-face visits between our residents and their loved ones. This is a tremendously welcome change, as it was extremely taxing for everyone to forgo visits with their loved ones. Also, for much of last year, communal dining in our dining rooms was forbidden by government regulations. This was hard on our residents but we complied, providing “room service” on paper plates and plastic utensils. It was no fun for anyone, but it kept down the number of infections. Now our residents are able to rejoin each other and enjoy dining together once more.

As vaccinations increase throughout the country and the daily toll of infections decreases, those painful but necessary restrictions imposed by healthcare authorities are easing, but we are being very cautious in our operations. Our employees continue to be tested at the beginning of each of their shifts and must continue to wear personal protective equipment, even if they have been vaccinated. We owe this to our residents. Our residents’ safety and comfort are our highest priorities.

Wayne Kaplan & Robert Borsody, Owners