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Out For Lunch!

April 2018

Residents at Hampshire House took a trip out for lunch and chose to go to Oneonta’s Undercover Eggplant Company.

women smiling eating ice cream

Ice Cream Parlor

February 2018

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4pm, the Hampshire House Ice Cream Parlor is open to residents and their friends and family. Come and enjoy an ice cream sundae with us!


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Birthday Party!

April 2018

Happy Birthday to all of our residents (and staff) who were born in April! Every month, we celebrate the people with birthdays by enjoying homemade cake by Helen Alexander, our Dietary Director. YUM!

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Resident of the Month

December 2017

Meet Carlton Briggs!


Carlton ¢€œBub¢€ Briggs was born June 18th, 1931 in Davenport, NY. Carlton¢€™s Father, Clyde, worked as a farmer while his mother, Iona, worked as a homemaker. Carlton grew up with two brothers, Gordon and Lewis and two sisters, Norma and Jean.

He recalls doing chores on the farm, like milking cows and throwing hay. Carlton went to South Kourtright High School, where he graduated in 1949.

In June of 1952, Carlton joined the United States Army, where he served in France until 1955. Carl jokes that he was sent to France, ¢€œbecause he¢€™s a lover, not a fighter¢€.

When Carlton returned, he went back to work for his uncle. He sold TV¢€™s and put up antennas. Later, he worked as a groundskeeper for the State College at Oneonta, NY. He worked here for 28 years. Carlton was one of the founding members of East Meredith¢€™s Fire Department in 1949. He has been actively involved for well over 50 years.

Carlton Briggs married Helen Doroski and had one child, David Briggs, who is currently Fire Chief of East Meredith¢€™s Fire Department. He has one grandson, Adam and two granddaughters, Ashley and Christine.

Carlton used to enjoy hunting and ice fishing. His favorite thing to do now is relax and spend time with family.

Carlton has been a member of our Hampshire House community since late October 2017. When asked for a piece of advice, he said, ¢€œ Listen to your parents!¢€




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Easter Bonnet Parade!

April 2018

Every year, residents at Hampshire House decorate Easter bonnets to be worn in our Easter Bonnet Parade! During the parade, residents pass out eggs filled with candy to other residents, staff, or anyone passing by. This is a lot of fun for all and a great way to spread cheer!

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Trip to the Library

January 2018


Huntington Memorial Library is the largest library in Otsego County, New York and is located in Oneonta.


seniors playing bingo at lunch

Senior Social – YMCA

December 2017


Today, residents from Hampshire House traveled to our local YMCA for their annual Senior Social, where residents socialize with other members of the community, as well as stay for lunch and bingo!

group smiling at winery

Bear Pond Winery

May 2018


Residents at Hampshire House took a trip to Bear Pond Winery in Oneonta on May 4th, to celebrate Ed Spencer’s birthday! The staff at Bear Pond are very informative and explain each wine that the residents tasted. All wines are made locally and some were made right there at Bear Pond Winery!

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Resident of the Month

Meet Beverly Lapp!


On October 31st, 1930, Beverly ¢€œBev¢€ was born to Donald and Birdella Bowmaker. Bev grew up in Johnstown, New York. She had one older sister, Eleanor. Beverly went to High School in Pennsylvania after her father was working at AT & T and was transferred to Philadelphia, PA.During school, Bev played pitcher on the baseball team and forward in basketball.

After graduation, Beverly married a man named R. Ray Ritter in 1948. Bev and Ray had three children, Candace, Donald, and Ronald. Bev has 3 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters. Sadly, R. Ray passed away in September of 1992.

Beverly found love again andmarried Alfred Lapp, who passed in 2008.

Bev has worked as a church secretary for over 30 years and remains active at St. Mathew Church in Laurens, NY. She is part of the worship & music committee, she sings in the choir, and she is President ofMartha Circle, a women¢€™s group.Beverly also led a bible study class twice a month.

Beverly has many interests. She enjoys baseball, her favorite team being the Phillies. She likes to go out for lunch, her favorite place being Fiesta in Oneonta. She is an avid reader and especially enjoys novels about Amish people.

Beverly Lapp has been a member of our community since lateNovember 2017. Her advice to the younger generation? ¢€œBe honest and be yourself!¢€

Welcome Beverly!




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Resident of the Month

March 2018

Meet Lois Greising!

Lois Lamners was born March 26th, 1931. She grew up an only child. Her father, Herman worked as a butcher and had his own shop/ general store. Her mother, Gertrude worked as a housekeeper until WW2, when she started making airplane parts to help with the War. Lois went to High School in Union City, New Jersey, where she graduated. After school, she worked at a 5 & 10 cents store.
Following High School, Lois pursued her nursing career. She went to Nursing School through Englewood Hospital in NJ. She completed school as a Registered Nurse.
Around 1974, Lois moved to New York. She worked at Chase Nursing Home as the Director of Nursing. Lois has spent several months on tour giving seminars to facilities in other states.
Lois worked with Dr. Thomas on ¢€œThe Eden Project¢€. After going through the legislation process and getting a grant from the state, she worked to bring animals (birds, cats, dogs, fish) to nursing homes to visit with residents.

Lois met Raymond Greising, her neighbor after moving to New York. Lois married Ray and became Lois Greising. Together, they had seven children, Thomas, James, Alan, Glenn, Raymond Joseph, Lorraine, and Joan. She has a big family with over 20 grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Lois¢€™s interests include swimming, gardening, puzzles, and dancing. She ¢€œspent her teenage years going to polish hops¢€. She also enjoyed going to stock car races, with Ray.
Lois was asked for a piece of advice for the younger generation and she said, ¢€œ Come to work 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late if you want to get ahead. Don¢€™t watch the clock!¢€ She has been part of our community since February 2018. Welcome Lois!