toilet paper roll flowers in bottles

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

The toilet paper roll crafts strike again! I¢€™m always amazed at how many crafts you can make out of toilet paper rolls, and we just throw them away! Look at the flowers we made- they are beautiful! Everyone did a fantastic job painting and assembling them- they look great sitting on the window ledge.

smiling women holding worry dolls

Tell Your Worries Away!

Do you ever have a worry, and keep it in? Sometimes you just don¢€™t want to tell your worries to another person. Well, we made worry dolls to help with that. As the story goes, if you tell your worries to your doll, and put it under your pillow at night, the doll will whisk your worries away! It¢€™s good to talk out loud about things that may be bothering you- sometimes that¢€™s all it takes to help with those worries. Make a doll and talk away!

woman holding paper with her name

What¢€™s in a Name?

We recently looked up what our names meant. It was amazing to see how the definitions fit our personalities and demeanor’s. For example, Josephine means ¢€œGod will add, God will increase¢€. Josephine is a very religious person, and keeps her optimism. Pauline means, ¢€œsmall¢€, and Pauline is a very petite woman! What does your name mean?

women talking at lunch

Longhorn Steakhouse and Smiles

We always enjoy our trips out, especially lunch! We recently took a trip to ¢€œLonghorn Steakhouse¢€, to enjoy a fabulous meal! A good meal is always better with great friends. Trisha, one of our fantastic volunteers, joined us! We love having friends come with us! Steaks, Sandwiches, Salads, oh my! Some washed it all down with a nice glass of wine, others with water and soda. Either way, we had a great time, and look forward to the next Lunch Outing!

women smiling at lunch

Wear Red to Support Women¢€™s Heart Health

To show our support for Women¢€™s Heart Health, we all wore RED! It was beautiful- looking in the dining room and seeing a room full of red attire. Thank you to all that participated! You can never be too aware about the diseases that harm us, and heart disease is a silent killer among all sexes- not just women.

wooden snowmen ornaments


What to do with the wood slices we had left over from our wreaths? Well, snowmen would be perfect for the season! We made little snowmen out of them and they were perfect! We turned them into ornaments and hung some of them on the tree.

"Park Terrace at Radison Scrabble" spelled with cheez-its

National Scrabble Day- Cheez-it Style

How do you celebrate National Scrabble Day, without the old traditional Scrabble game? Cheez-its! I know we¢€™ve all been told not to play with our food, but we had so much fun doing so! Look at all the words we were able to find. Our Memory Care did a fantastic job working together and finding words! How many can you find?

woman smiling with patriotic wreath

Celebrate Memorial Day/4th of July with Wreaths!

I¢€™m sure you can see by now, we love to make wreaths here at Park Terrace at Radisson! Our next project was for Memorial Day and 4th of July. We cut out a cardboard box for the back, clothes pins, tissue paper and paint. We added stars to give it more of a flag feel! Check out the pictures- they look even better on their doors!

woman playing piano

Some Things We Never Forget!

Louise Gravel recently joined our Memory Care family here at Park Terrace. After talking with her family, I found out that Louise use to play the piano, and has even composed her own music. Her family stated that she had not played in a year, and feared she forgot how to play. That sounded like a challenge to me! So, after exercise, we sat at the piano, and as soon as her fingers felt the keys, it was like she never stopped playing! I moved a piano we had from another area into our Memory Care Neighborhood, so she could play at her leisure. As she was playing for the other residents of Memory Care, her daughter-in-law came in, and was astonished that she was playing! With a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, I said, ¢€œThere are just some things we never forget!¢€

women smiling at dinner party

Prime Rib Feast

To celebrate the holidays with our family, we had our annual Prime Rib Feast. Families were invited in to have a formal sit down meal with their loved ones. The Dining Department put on a fantastic meal, complete with many desserts, pies, cookies, etc. There wasn¢€™t an empty belly that walked out of here! We enjoy spending time with all of our families! Thank you to the staff that brought their own families in to help with the feast!