Winter Fun!

It may be cold outside but our neighbors continue to have winter fun! To celebrate Valentine’s Day we had a gourmet chocolate tasting with tea followed by heart sand art. The residents loved it! Then to celebrate Mardi Gras we made Beignets and served them warm with coffee. This was so much fun and we had a great turn out. And yes, we did manage to get some confectioners sugar all over ourselves but that was all part of the process and the laughter shared. Best cooking class yet! While rolling and cutting the dough the history of the French Quarter in New Orleans was shared as well as the history of Cafƒ© Le Monde. On Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) we have a sax musician coming in and will be serving up non-alcoholic margarita’s and a special snack provided by dietary.On Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday we have a Girl Scout Troop coming in to share valentine’s and our lovely Father David to say Mass and provide ashes. Busy month!

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