woman playing piano

Some Things We Never Forget!

Louise Gravel recently joined our Memory Care family here at Park Terrace. After talking with her family, I found out that Louise use to play the piano, and has even composed her own music. Her family stated that she had not played in a year, and feared she forgot how to play. That sounded like a challenge to me! So, after exercise, we sat at the piano, and as soon as her fingers felt the keys, it was like she never stopped playing! I moved a piano we had from another area into our Memory Care Neighborhood, so she could play at her leisure. As she was playing for the other residents of Memory Care, her daughter-in-law came in, and was astonished that she was playing! With a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, I said, ¢€œThere are just some things we never forget!¢€

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