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Resident of the Month!

April 2018

Meet Beverly Graves!

Beverly ¢€œBev¢€ was born February 2nd, 1930 to Russell and DorisWilson in Oneonta, NY. Doris used to work in West Oneonta, making clothes for children. Russell worked at the D & H Railroad at theroundhouse in Oneonta.

Bev grew up with three sisters, Joann, Mary, and Sandy. She had one brother, Russell.

Beverly went to Oneonta High School, where she graduated. During school, she learned to play the piano.

After graduating, Beverly married Lawrence Graves and she became Beverly Graves. Bev and Larry had three sons; Larry, Gary, and Terry. Beverly¢€™s husband, Larry, owned and operated a garbage removal company is Oneonta, as well as working as a carpenter. When the boys were old enough to work, they would work for their father¢€™s company.

Besides being a homemaker, Beverly worked in the Oneonta school system as head cook, where she would teach food safety.

Beverly is a member of the WestOneonta Baptist Church. She was also a member of the Women¢€™s Auxiliary in Oneonta.

Beverly remains social and makes friends easily with her easy going and upbeat attitude. When asked about her interests, she said her favorite thing to do is to be outside and work in the garden.

Bev has been a member of our community since late December of 2017. Her favorite activity at Hampshire House is to go onoutings, especially going out for lunch! Welcome Beverly!




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