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Resident of the Month

December 2017

Meet Carlton Briggs!


Carlton ¢€œBub¢€ Briggs was born June 18th, 1931 in Davenport, NY. Carlton¢€™s Father, Clyde, worked as a farmer while his mother, Iona, worked as a homemaker. Carlton grew up with two brothers, Gordon and Lewis and two sisters, Norma and Jean.

He recalls doing chores on the farm, like milking cows and throwing hay. Carlton went to South Kourtright High School, where he graduated in 1949.

In June of 1952, Carlton joined the United States Army, where he served in France until 1955. Carl jokes that he was sent to France, ¢€œbecause he¢€™s a lover, not a fighter¢€.

When Carlton returned, he went back to work for his uncle. He sold TV¢€™s and put up antennas. Later, he worked as a groundskeeper for the State College at Oneonta, NY. He worked here for 28 years. Carlton was one of the founding members of East Meredith¢€™s Fire Department in 1949. He has been actively involved for well over 50 years.

Carlton Briggs married Helen Doroski and had one child, David Briggs, who is currently Fire Chief of East Meredith¢€™s Fire Department. He has one grandson, Adam and two granddaughters, Ashley and Christine.

Carlton used to enjoy hunting and ice fishing. His favorite thing to do now is relax and spend time with family.

Carlton has been a member of our Hampshire House community since late October 2017. When asked for a piece of advice, he said, ¢€œ Listen to your parents!¢€




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