Duck Rescue!

Last week 11 ducklings appeared with their mom in our center courtyard. The poor things kept circling the inner perimeter of the building looking for a way out.  She must have flown in before laying her eggs. Long story short we knew we had to get her out of there because we have a resident Cooper’s Hawk who has been hunting our smaller birds (and succeeding, killing two cardinals that we know of). So Sue, our resourceful dietary staff member, called the SPCA and was given the wildlife division. They explained to her how to use blankets to make a “wall” so the ducks wouldn’t be scared and to lead them through the building to the outdoors. With the help of the Activities Director, Kathleen, they proceeded to do just that. It was very interesting and exciting. As soon as they were all outside mom led then right to the marshland adjacent to our property. Below is a picture of the happy family in the courtyard and Sue encouraging momma in. The ducklings are already inside with Kathleen.  Success!