group smiling at memorial day parade

Memorial Day Parade

May 2018

Today is Memorial Day. The residents at Hampshire House were able to take a trip to Main St. Oneonta to view the parade. This was a great way to remember and honor our men and women who have served our country.

women making sugar cookies

Baking Club

January 2018

Every so often, the Baking Club gets together to bake something for the entire community to enjoy. Today, residents decided to make cookies to share with others at snack time. Cookies were baked using our portable cookie oven and afterward they were frosted and sprinkled with love!


band performing for audience

Harmonica Band

April 2018

Residents were entertained by a local favorite, Randy’s Harptones Harmonica Band! Randy’s Harptones is an outreach music ministry of the First Baptist Church of Oneonta. The mission of the group is to bring musical entertainment by sharing familiar folk songs, patriotic songs, hymns, classical, blues, and other varieties of music with audience participation. The Band uses a variety of harmonicas.



woman on tour bus

Scenic Drive

May 2018

As Summer approaches, residents are looking forward to more outings! Scenic drives are exciting especially for those who grew up in or around this area. Each scenic drive we travel to a different nearby town where we can look out and recall how things have changed.

christmas tree with presents

Christmas Party!

December 2017


Our annual Christmas Party was a hit thanks to St. Mary’s Church in Oneonta,for donating gifts for all the residents and Santa Claus making a guest appearance!

woman smiling with bottled beverage

Resident of the Month

June 2018

Meet Barbara Cook!

Barbara Gegila was born February 21st, 1942 in Watertown, NY. She was the first of six children. Her mother, Grace and father, Frank had all girls! Barb¢€™s five sisters are Sue, Nancy, Donna, Patty, and MaryLou.

Barb attended Watertown High School, where she graduated.

Barb married a man named Frank Cook, a civil engineer that she worked for as a receptionist and bookkeeper.

Barb had four children, Anne, Frances ¢€œIke¢€, Karen, and Jennifer.

Barb and her family spent much of their time traveling. She felt like the world was her classroom and thatexposing her children to differentcultures would help them learn about the world.

Barb¢€™s father, Frank, was from Italy and her husband Frank¢€™s father was from Hungary so the family traveled through these areas to learn more of their roots.

Barb is a wonderful cook and enjoyed learning traditional Hungarian recipes.

She also loves music! Her home wasalways filled with music and dancing. Barb has many otherinterests, including gardening, arts & crafts, and more!

Barb has been a member of our community since April of 2018. She looks forward to swimming, scenic drives, playing name that tune, and of course trips to our very own ice cream parlor!

Welcome Barb Cook!




man painting wooden box

Valentine Craft

February 2018

Residents are working on painting little wooden boxes with a heart cut out for their loved ones. One resident painted a box for his daughter and signed it “Love, Dad”. Another resident chose to write notes to put in the box and give out as a valentine gift.

couple smiling on park bench

Walk in the Park

June 2018

Our Walking Club meets biweekly at Hampshire House and all residents are encouraged to join! When the weather allows, we take the walking club to Neahwa Park here in Oneonta, NY.