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Resident of the Month

May 2018

Meet Aase Graham!

Aase Graham was born October 8th, 1927 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her father was a merchant marine and her mother worked as a homemaker. Aase had two older brothers, Finn and Helge. She remembers growing up in Denmark fondly.

Aase went to high school inCopenhagen, where she graduated. Around the age of 25, Aase moved to the United States.

Aase went to Pennsylvania to pursue her nursing career. She graduated from school and worked as a registered nurse for over 30 years.

Aase married John Graham and had 4 children. John served in the United States Navy during World War 2. Later, he worked as an insurancesalesman.

Aase and John have 3 daughters, June, Jacqueline, and Lisbet. They have one son, John.

Aase was very active throughout her life. She loves music and used to play piano. She would go skiing, white water rafting, biking, and enjoys long walks outdoors.

Aase enjoys traveling, as well.

She has returned to Denmark numerous times, and has lived in different states, such asPennsylvania, New Jersey,Colorado, North Carolina, and now upstate New York.

Aase has been a member of our community since December of 2017. She remains active and enjoys going on outings with friends and family.

Welcome Aase!



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Captain’s Table

April 2018

Every month,new and existing residents have lunch with the Life Enrichment Coordinatorat Hampshire House. This is a great way for new residents to ask any questions they might have in regards to activities. It is also a way for residents to get to know one another and socialize with new people.

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Christmas Carols

December 2017

The staff and residents at Hampshire House thank all those who volunteered to sing Christmas Carols this year! Pictures here are members of the Assembly of God church in Oneonta, NY.

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Enjoying the Weather

May 2018

It was a long winter here in Oneonta, NY. The residents at Hampshire House are looking forward to the warmer weather. When the weather allows, we try to get outside as much as possible. Whether it is happy hour, trivia games, or ball games, we try to take advantage of our shaded patio as much as possible. Today, we played a game called Chat Pack. This is a socializing activity that asks questions like “What is your favorite vacation destination?” so that we can get to know one another better.

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Breakfast for Dinner

March 2018

Residents from Hampshire House went on a trip to Morey’s Diner for dinner. Breakfast is served all day so it was pancakes for dinner!

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Walking Club!


May 2018

Our walking club meets biweekly to encourage exercise and moving our body! Whenever the weather allows, we take a trip to Neahwa Park in Oneonta to enjoy the beautiful scenery and get a few laps of power walking in!


st. patrick's day themed basket of goodies

Open House

March 2018

Staff at Hampshire House hosted an open house on March 16th. Dietary Director Helen Alexander made the snacks and refreshments special for the occasion. Case Manager Courtney Sage put together a St. Patrick’s themed raffle basket to be awarded to one of the attendees! Residents also joined the party! Thank you to everyone who helped make the open house special!



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Library Trip

May 2018

Every month, we take a trip to the Huntington Memorial Library here in Oneonta, NY.

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Music with Greg Jenkins

January 2018

Residents and staff at Hampshire House love when entertainer Greg Jenkins comes to perform. He plays guitar, sings, and encourages the crowd to participate. By the end of the show, everyone is laughing and has enjoyed a wonderful compilation of favorite songs throughout the decades.

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Resident of the Month!

April 2018

Meet Beverly Graves!

Beverly ¢€œBev¢€ was born February 2nd, 1930 to Russell and DorisWilson in Oneonta, NY. Doris used to work in West Oneonta, making clothes for children. Russell worked at the D & H Railroad at theroundhouse in Oneonta.

Bev grew up with three sisters, Joann, Mary, and Sandy. She had one brother, Russell.

Beverly went to Oneonta High School, where she graduated. During school, she learned to play the piano.

After graduating, Beverly married Lawrence Graves and she became Beverly Graves. Bev and Larry had three sons; Larry, Gary, and Terry. Beverly¢€™s husband, Larry, owned and operated a garbage removal company is Oneonta, as well as working as a carpenter. When the boys were old enough to work, they would work for their father¢€™s company.

Besides being a homemaker, Beverly worked in the Oneonta school system as head cook, where she would teach food safety.

Beverly is a member of the WestOneonta Baptist Church. She was also a member of the Women¢€™s Auxiliary in Oneonta.

Beverly remains social and makes friends easily with her easy going and upbeat attitude. When asked about her interests, she said her favorite thing to do is to be outside and work in the garden.

Bev has been a member of our community since late December of 2017. Her favorite activity at Hampshire House is to go onoutings, especially going out for lunch! Welcome Beverly!