Welcoming the Spring weather with May Day food and Activities

Feeling the need to welcome the spring weather with a bang, the residents suggested celebrating May Day. With that suggestion in mind the Dietary and Activities Departments put their heads together and came up with a fun and decadent plan!

Activities made up some ‘May Poles’ to display on the table’s today and Dietary made a delicious lunch of chicken taco’s, chips and salsa, asparagus, and a seedless raspberry jam filled tart. Then for dessert we had the most wonderful alternative to strawberry shortcake by having a strawberry shortcake parfait.

Then later that day Activities got some resident’s together and they all went outside and added some color to the facility by planting some flowers in the flower beds of the courtyard.

It really was a great way to welcome the spring  weather and share some smiles and laughs along the way.


Mayday lunch n decor flowers2 Flowers1