Eden Heights of Eden

Summer Olympic Games

We held our own Summer Olympics during the month of August just like the professional athletes. We had some great competition going on here at Eden Heights. Our Opening Ceremony consisted of Genevieve who is 102 yrs. young bringing the torch onto the front porch were the residents passed it on to each other as the Olympic Anthem was played. Then, we said the Pledge to the Flag, sang our National Anthem and competed in our first game Ring Toss. During the rest of the week the residents competed in a Target Game, Basketball and Horseshoes. The week finished with our closing ceremony of retiring the torch and handing out medals and certificates of participation. Bronze medals were given to Shirley N. and Clara Mae twice, Silver Medals went to Mikie, Marie B. & Rita P., Gold Medals went to Marie B. & Lewis C. twice. A Trophy was awarded to Lewis C. for an overall score performance. Congratulations to all who participated.