Summit at New Port Richey

Hurricane Letter to Families NPR

Families and Friends of Summit at New Port Richey,

New Port Richey ResidentIt is with great pleasure that we write to you. We wanted to inform you of the successful evacuation of our community and what happened to prepare and implement our strategies and procedures to protect your loved ones during Hurricane Irma. As you know, we have processes in place to provide a smooth and efficient process for preparing and evacuating all residents to safety or to prepare our community if the Emergency Operational Centers choose for us to shelter in place.

We began with Disaster preparedness meetings where all the preplanned procedures were assigned to our staff. Dawn Bare from the Home Office along with Stacey Lupo, Executive Director and Hollie Vargas, Community Development Director, guided the team through the stages of evacuation. All care was taken to minimize the disruption to your loved ones.

We want to commend the staff and directors who stepped up and left their homes and families to care for our residents. In addition, we commend our staff and Karen Henderson, RN for providing occasional nursing help to other shelter occupants in emergency situations. We want to thank Brad Worley for creating a kitchen and dining room that mirrored the community and our Wellness Team, Bosnia Ramos and Michelle Madden in continuing to provide excellent care to our residents. Everybody remained safe and cared for throughout the ordeal. We are proud to have these heroes on our team. We also want to thank our residents for being such troopers in a situation that would test anybody’s patience.New Port Richey Staff

We look forward to continuing our excellent service to our residents. Please call Stacey Lupo, Executive Director of Summit at New Port Richey, should you have any questions. We thank you for the opportunity to care for your loved one.


Wayne Kaplan and Robert Borsody (Owners)
Champions of Summit of New Port RicheyNew Port Richey Residents