Park Terrace at Radisson

St. Patrick’s Day Party/Scavenger Hunt

Our St. Patrick’s Day was filled with fun! We sported our green- it’s great to see the imagination some people have with dressing for the occasion. Adrienne and Belinda tried to do Irish dancing- no professionals, but it was worth the laugh!

Everyone was busy looking for gold coins a good portion of the morning for our scavenger hunt! The one with the most coins wins the pot of gold! Kay was our lucky winner finding a total of 60 gold coins. (Pot of gold was a small bucket with gold wrapped chocolate coins.)

The kitchen made a delicious corned beef dinner with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. They topped it off with a green poke cake. Adrienne brought around beaded necklaces for everyone and green beer! Everyone enjoyed the meal and had a great time!