News & Events

  • Christmas lights and fun.

    Westbrook went on two trips to see the fantasy of lights in the Upper Park. Westbrook put together the ginger bread house display and the staff also help work the… Read more »

  • Santa and his helpers came to Westbrook.

    Santa came to Westbrook to pass out gifts with his helpers. Refreshments were served and the Shuman’s came to play the piano for the festive event. 

  • Christmas Carolers

    Westbrook community had the pleasure of having several groups coming in to entertain us and bringing Christmas gifts & cheer.  Apostolic Gospel Church children choir, the Mohawk preschoolers came in… Read more »

  • Community Service for Middle School.

    The Middle School came to Westbrook community for community service . They helped change light bulbs, clean up the courtyard and outside of building. They helped with exercise class and… Read more »