News and Events

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    Valentines Day Party

    We had a wonderful Valentines Day Party, the residents enjoyed music by Louise. They were served chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cookies and sparkling punch. We also had children visit… Read more »

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    Mardi Gras

         On Tuesday the residents had a Mardi Gras celebration, where they enjoyed dressing up a little bit with masks and crowns for the occasion.  They were served kings… Read more »

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    Superbowl Party

    The residents enjoyed a SUPER evening of watching the Superbowl, the New England Patriots vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.They snacked on cheese balls, popcorn, cheese, crackers and pepperoni and for drinks they… Read more »

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    New Years Party

    The residents had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. They enjoyed singing with music played by resident, Louise. They had shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers and a variety… Read more »

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    St. Peter’s Church

        The residents were so excited to have St. Nicholas Choir and St. Peter’s Choir from St. Peter’s Church come in and sing holiday songs.