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  • 20171019_134952

    Christmas Choir in Full Swing

    It’s that time of year again, and this year, we are singing it in! We have started a Christmas Choir here at Park Terrace! We have already began rehearsal and… Read more »

  • 20171102_152938

    Prepping Pumpkins for Pies

    We had a few pumpkins left over from Halloween that were not carved, and Reeves Farm had donated a few smaller pie pumpkins. So future use for them? We are… Read more »

  • 20171031_120623

    Happy Halloween

    Halloween presented a huge opportunity for fun! The Managers all dressed as Pacman characters- Brian being Pacman and the other Managers were the ghosts. We had a visual Pacman chase… Read more »

  • 20171026_095712

    Pumpkin Carving Fun

    Halloween time always creates an environment for fun! We started off the season carving pumpkins- it was a blast! We had a few family members come in to have fun… Read more »

  • 20171012_151522

    Fall Pumpkin Social

    To stay in the theme of Pumpkin, we had our Fall Pumpkin Social. We enjoyed pumpkin pie ice cream, topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup! Oh, it hit the… Read more »