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  • DSCN2912

    Getting Creative at Arts w/ John

    We often work with Liberty Resources “Pathway to Employment” Program, which assists individuals with disabilities develop work skills so they can utilize them towards employment. It is a great program… Read more »

  • DSCN2920

    St. Patrick’s Day Party/Scavenger Hunt

    Our St. Patrick’s Day was filled with fun! We sported our green- it’s great to see the imagination some people have with dressing for the occasion. Adrienne and Belinda tried… Read more »

  • DSCN2907

    Shamrock Wreaths

    In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and to continue with our seasonal wreaths we enjoy making, we made Shamrock Wreaths. Harriet did a fantastic job helping everyone pick out… Read more »

  • DSCN2892

    Girls Only Captain’s Table

    We welcomed Mary and Betty Jean to our family with a lovely Captain’s Table. Not only was this an “all girls” Captain’s Table, but our new people moved into our… Read more »

  • DSCN2828

    Bean Bag Twister

    We put a little spin on twister and played it more like Jeopardy! Each color represented how many points a question was worth. The higher the number, the tougher the… Read more »