Hampshire House

Family Picnic

July 7th, 2017

Today we had our 7th annual summer picnic open to all residents, staff, family, and friends! This years picnic theme was fabulous 50s! The picnic was complete with Rosie the Polka Dotted Clown, classic cars from the 50s and later, and music! The band consisted of one of our residents family members and friends. Brooks BBQ was served. Despite the rain scare, it stayed sunny and there was a great turn out. Thank you to everyone who joined their loved ones and who donated to help make events like these possible. Here are some photos from our special day.

IMG_4473    IMG_4474    IMG_4476    IMG_4477    IMG_4478     IMG_4483    IMG_4484    IMG_4485    IMG_4486    IMG_4487     IMG_4488    IMG_4489    IMG_4490    IMG_4492    IMG_4493    IMG_4496    IMG_4497    IMG_4501    IMG_4502    IMG_4503    IMG_4505    IMG_4507    IMG_4509     IMG_4510    IMG_4511    IMG_4513    IMG_4515      IMG_4517    IMG_4518    IMG_4520    IMG_4522    IMG_4523    IMG_4525    IMG_4527    IMG_4528    IMG_4535    IMG_4536    IMG_4537    IMG_4538    IMG_4540