Eden Heights of Olean

Trip to the Rail Museum

The Salamanca Rail Museum was Built in 1912 by the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad, (B.R.&.P) as a passenger station in downtown Salamanca on Main Street. This station was built for passengers in the down town area of Salamanca so they wouldn’t have to travel as far to get to the East Salamanca Station on the Eastern end of the city. The B.R.&.P. was bought out by the Baltimore and Ohio (B.&.O) in 1928. The short line between the two stations was kept open through the years of passenger service, until services were ended in 1956 as the passenger service came to an end. In 1980 the station was re-opened after standing still in time for over 20 years, and is now open to the public as a museum displaying the three major railroads that came the city of Salamanca, The B&O/BR&P, The Erie railroad, and the Pennsylvania railroad along with many other artifacts that members and guests have donated to the museum over time from different railroads around the area and those of which came through the city. These artifacts range from paper work of those who worked for the railroads, to baggage Carts and a Track Speeder. All of which are on display at our Museum.


Residents enjoyed their time at this historical site. After multiple failed attempts we finally made it to the museum. The day was filled with smiles and laughs. We were treated to a special tour by the Museums Director’s children. The Director adding in the forgotten talking points as the tour went on. Some of the residents even got to look at the old trains that they have at the museum.