Eden Heights of Olean

Oleans Veterans Celebration


186845906Veterans Day – November 11th, 2017 – The American Legion of Allegany Color Guard came to honor our Veterans in full dress attire.  The day activities started with our Veterans being treated to a complementary lunch catered by Applebee’s of Olean; choice of Double Crusted Shrimp, American Standard Burger,  3 Cheese Chicken Pasta, Fiesta Lime Chicken or Chicken Finger Platter.   From there, they were all lead outside to the tents that were set up for the ceremony.  It was a bit cold but well worth it.  The ceremony started out with a prayer from the Chaplain and then a short dissertation from our Mayor, Mr. Bill Aiello, thanking our Veterans for their service.  Next the saluting of the POW Flag and the American Flag, as the old were taken down and the new were raised to fly high above our facility.  The American Legion shot off a 21 gun salute and the bugle player rang out taps.  Resident, Mr. Donald Potter stated, “That in the 6 years I have been at Eden Heights, I enjoyed being a part of the ceremony immensely!”  After the ceremony finished the Veterans were lead back into the building to the “New” Veterans Wall.  Mayor Bill Aiello, introduced each of the Veterans and what branch they participated in.   Then the unveiling was done by Kelly A. Carlson, Activities Director and the Mayor.   Next, was our Veterans parade….all the Veterans paraded through the dining hall to the song “Proud to be an American” in the background and the residents waved flags to our heroes.   Tears were flowing as some of the Veterans were remembering the day that they came home from war.  A beautiful flag cake was served by Marsha Ingalls, Cook, Mgr., baked and decorated by Main Street Sweets, as we relaxed and enjoyed listening to all of the vets tell their stories.

Please take the time to look at our pictures below.

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