Eden Heights of Eden

Trip to The Herschell Carrousel Museum


The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum, operated by the Carousel Society of the Niagara Frontier, is a premier national historic site. Our residents explored the history of the early American amusement industry, from carrousels to coasters.

The Lockman Collection, purchased by the museum in 1995, documents the changes in style of carousel animals over a period of sixty years in the different factories with which Allan Herschell was associated. The still-operational, historic equipment in the Wurlitzer Music Roll Department demonstrates in detail the production of paper music rolls. The re-created Wood Carving workshop showed where the artisans of the Herschell companies crafted the beautiful carousel animals.

When the residents completed the tour, they took some time to visit the gift shop. The most exciting part of the visit was getting to ride the one hundred year old carousel. Some of the residents actually got up on the carrousel horses for the ride, while others enjoyed the sleigh cart. It reminded them of their chidhood. It was a special outing, with special memories.

The operators even had a good time. They were thrilled to have our resident Genevieve, who is 101yrs. old, be the oldest person to ride their Carrousel. They are going to feature her on their facebook page.

I would like to thank the operators of the Carrousel for their kindness and hospitality!