Eden Heights of Eden

Employee Appreciation Party

Today we celebrated the many valuable employees we are blessed to have at Eden Heights. Part of our celebration included telling the employees about the many accomplishments we have had in the past year. Also, we talked about the exceptional benefits we receive from Premier Senior Living, our employer. We are extremely fortunate that most of our employees have worked at Eden Heights for a significant amount of time, which lends to the “family atmosphere” we are complimented on by many different people from many different walks of life. We enjoyed some really good food which was donated by some of our families who appreciate the care their loved ones receive. We added some fun to our occasion by playing “employee feud” (aka family feud). We had lots of laughs and the team who won received some extra cash. During our time together, one could see why we were voted again as one of the ten best Assisted Living Facilities in New York State!!!